Nursing Service

The Nursing Service of Scott & White believes that nursing is an art and a science involving caring, empathy and compassion. Nursing has a commitment to the promotion, maintenance and restoration of an optimum state of wellness.

The Nursing Service believes that all individuals have dignity, worth and capacity for learning. Nursing believes that physiology, psychology and spirituality are dynamic aspects of each individual and each person has unique abilities and needs. Nursing believes that each individual has certain undeniable rights including the right to receive safe, high quality care, the right to definitive health information and the right to the opportunity to participate in the plan of care. Nursing acknowledges that the patients have the right to accept responsibility and to make decisions for their own care to the extent of one's ability.

The Nursing Service believes that nursing is an independent and interdependent practice that contributes to the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to health problems. We, the members of the Nursing Service, believe that we are responsible and also accountable for our practice, for our pursuit of advanced education and for our participation in nursing research.

Nursing Professional Development

Nursing Professional Development creates and fosters educational and research opportunities to support clinically competent nurses.

Scott & White Top 25 Nurses

The Top 25 Nurses program honors staff who make a significant difference advancing the profession and in the lives of patients, peers and the community.