2010 Top 25 Nurses

More than 100 nurses institution wide were nominated by their peers as candidates for this year's "Top 25 Nurses at Scott & White" designation (see a list of all nominees). Criteria for nomination included superior qualities of strong leadership, patient advocacy, community service, clinical knowledge and more.

Image of Svenja Atchley, RN

Svenja Atchley, RN PDF Document

STC3/Trach - Temple

Image of Gerry Baggerly, LVN

Gerry Baggerly, LVN PDF Document

OB/GYN - Temple

Image of Holly Barnes, RN

Holly Barnes, RN PDF Document

RN Stroke Coordinator/ED - Hillcrest

Image of Patty Caplinger, RN

Patty Caplinger, RN PDF Document

Labor and Delivery - Temple

Image of Jenelle Durbin, RN

Jenelle Durbin, RN PDF Document

EP Lab - Temple

Image of Carol Edwards, RN

Carol Edwards, RN PDF Document

2C Orthopedics- Temple

Image of Angela Gentry, RN

Angela Gentry, RN PDF Document

Emergency Department - Temple

Image of Beulah Green, CNA

Beulah Green, CNA PDF Document

4 North - Temple

Image of Darwin Harris, RN

Darwin Harris, RN PDF Document

Circulator OR - Hillcrest

Image of Simon Hernandez, RN

Simon Hernandez, RN PDF Document

Surgery Pavilion - Temple

Image of Kelly Horn, RN

Kelly Horn, RN PDF Document

Pedi Acute Care - Temple

Image of Andrea Jackson, LVN

Andrea Jackson, LVN PDF Document

R&E/Clinical Research Coordinator - Temple

Image of Melissa Juarez, RN

Melissa Juarez, RN PDF Document

Stemi Coordinator - Round Rock

Image of Raquel Mendoza, LVN

Raquel Mendoza, LVN PDF Document

CIM Clinic - Temple

Image of Wendy Moger, RN

Wendy Moger, RN PDF Document

Labor and Delivery - Temple

Image of Scott Pratt, LVN

Scott Pratt, LVN PDF Document

Belton Urgent Care

Image of Sheilah Priori, FNE

Sheilah Priori, FNE PDF Document

ED - Temple Clinic

Image of Esther Sutton, RN

Esther Sutton, RN PDF Document

Med Surg - KDH

Image of Joyce Trower, RN

Joyce Trower, RN PDF Document

Labor and Delivery - Round Rock

Image of Karri VanRossun, RN

Karri VanRossun, RN PDF Document

Killeen Cancer Center

Image of Heather Wesseling, RN

Heather Wesseling, RN PDF Document

ICU - Round Rock

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