Clinical Pastoral Education Program Options

Scott & White is accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE).


Scott & White offers a first-year residency program. Students who have completed at least one unit of ACPE CPE may apply for the residency program. The curriculum offers four units of CPE during the calendar year.

The residency unit begins in September and ends in August of the following year. The residency offers a competitive stipend plus benefits. The schedule includes a five-day workweek plus additional house coverage duties in rotation with peers and other chaplains. No tuition. A second-year residency program is not being offered at this time.


Applicants must have already taken one unit of ACPE CPE prior to applying to the CPE program and hold a master's degree (Master of Divinity or some formal type of ministry degree). The Scott & White CPE program prefers ordination, but it is not a requirement to apply to residency program.

Summer Intensive Unit

The summer intensive unit is an 11-week unit that runs June through August. The schedule includes a five-day workweek plus additional house coverage duties in rotation with peers and other chaplains. It is primarily designed as an introductory unit of CPE. Tuition is $500.


Interested applicants must have a theological background and an undergrad or master's degree. Applicants must be exploring the vocation of ministry or be formal representatives of a church (ex. lay minister, youth minister, teacher, etc.). Applicants can also be ordained.

Extended Unit

Intended primarily for clergy and laypersons who want to further their theological education through CPE. This program is designed as a part-time educational experience, yet offers the same opportunities and challenges of any CPE unit. You can grow in your ability to provide pastoral presence to people who receive difficult news regarding a loved one, or unexpected diagnosis.

You will increase skill in helping people experiencing chronic and acute crisis, and explore how your theology informs pastoral care. Tuition for this program will be $500 for on-site clinical placement and $750 for off-site clinical placement. There is a $25 application fee, and the purchase of some text is required. The latter will be kept at a minimum to save expense.


Programs are open to area ministers, seminary students and interested laypersons. Ordained and Lay Ministers may also opt to use their current place of ministry, outside of the hospital, as counting toward the required clinical hours, with approval by the CPE Supervisor. In addition to the clinical responsibilities, each participant shares the on-call rotation twice a month. This provides the particiapant a rich learning experience in providing pastoral care to a variety of ministry encounters, including intense crisis.

Supervisory Training

Scott & White is not offering Supervisory Training at this time.

Please send a completed application along with a non-refundable $25 application fee to the address below or contact us for more information:

Misty Ballard, Executive Assistant
Scott & White Hospital, Department of Pastoral Care
2401 South 31st Street
Temple, TX 76508

CPE Application

Deadlines: Interested applicants and potential students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible due to the limited amount of students we are able to accept into our programs. We do not have a set deadline for accepting applications. The Scott & White CPE program accepts applications year around for all of our available programs and we continue to accept applications until all of the open student positions have been filled. If you submit an application after the program is filled, your materials, along with your refunded application fee will be sent back to you.

Interested applicants can download our application form here:

Application Form PDF Document

Applications are deemed incomplete without the non-refundable $25 application fee. Residency applications are deemed incomplete without providing copies of previous evaluations from past CPE units, as well as self-evaluations. Applications will not be processed until all materials have been received.

Candidates with complete application packets, including an application fee, will then be considered for an interview. This process is a team interview with the CPE supervisor(s) and members of the Pastoral Education Consultation Committee.

If accepted into the program, the candidate is asked to submit a letter of acceptance along with a $75 deposit that will be applied to the tuition.

*Applicants may also use the standard ACPE application, located at

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