Department of Emergency Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine handles thousands of complex cases at hospitals and clinics throughout Central Texas. Department chair C. Keith Stone, MD, leads a team that provides excellent emergency patient care while upholding Scott & White's reputation as a center of diagnostic and clinical excellence.

Department Highlights

  • A busy primary training site that saw more than 85,000 patients in the last year
  • Only tertiary care referral center and only Level 1 Trauma Center in the area
  • 573 hospital beds with 47 ED rooms, including six major resuscitation
  • Brand new Children's ED (October 2011) housing 14 beds, including two resuscitation bays
  • Charts are completed with a computerized template system and dictation for all resuscitations
    • Comprehensive electronic medical records maintained for all patients
    • EKGs, PACS radiology system, and complete patient charts including labs and other studies are available in one concise system
  • Provides online medical control for the regional ground, critical care and air EMS services
  • Scott & White also houses the Central Texas Poison Control Center which operates under the direction of the Emergency Department


Scott & White offers courses designed to enhance the skills of medical professionals involved in the care of injured patients.


Scott & White is a recognized leader in research. Through interdisciplinary involvement, on-going studies offer cutting-edge advances in trauma care. Current areas of investigation at Scott & White include management of burns, vascular permeability in trauma, cervical spine injuries and trauma in the elderly.

Level I Trauma Center

The Scott & White Trauma Center - the only designated Level 1 Trauma Center between Dallas and Austin- utilizes the services of many specialties, including orthopedics, general surgery, rehabilitation, plastic surgery and more. These specialists are available 24/7 to provide care to the hundreds of trauma patients who come through ours doors. In addition, they are supported by a staff of nurses, therapists, social workers and injury-prevention specialists.

Contact the Department of Emergency Medicine

Phone: 254-724-1068

Trauma Transfer Hotline: 1-877-427-4159

The Trauma Center has a special phone number for referring a patient to the Center. This hotline provides an automatic transfer to an accepting physician and is intended to streamline the process and reduce the time spent on the phone.

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Heidi L. Alvey
Emergency Physician
Dorian Drigalla
Emergency Physician
David A. Fritz
Emergency Physician
Robert D. Greenberg
Emergency Physician
Shawn D. Horrall
Emergency Physician