Plan a Continuing Medical Education Activity

Not all continuing educational activities which physicians may engage in are CME. Physicians may participate in worthwhile continuing educational activities which are not related directly to their professional work, and these activities are not CME.

Part of the department's role is to provide guidance and support to those developing a new CME activity to ensure compliance with ACCME policies and AMA guidelines. The CME Department can provide as much or as little support as needed with the following steps.

For assistance in planning your CME activity and to obtain all required forms, please call the CME Department at 254-724-7609.

Before the Activity

Select a Planning Committee and Obtain Forms

  • Choose an activity medical director, a target audience representative (a physician) and any additional planners needed for your activity.
  • Complete a CME planning form, CME application and Disclosure of Commerical Affiliations form for each planner and faculty member. Contact the CME Department at Send an e-mail or 254-724-7609 to obtain forms.

Develop the Activity Curriculum

  • Perform a gap analysis and needs assessment for the target audience
  • Develop learning objectives. (What should the learner be able to do differently after attending?)
  • Design the educational curriculum and plan the agenda, including the start and end times of each presentation.

Plan Accommodations

  • Outline your budget with both anticipated revenue, including amount and source, and expenses.
  • Choose and reserve a venue.
  • Consider accommodations for learners, including seating, handouts, refreshments, registration, etc.

Submit a CME Application

  • Submit your CME application and supporting documents to the CME Department. Once all documents are received, the application will be sent to a committee member for review and to the Director of CME for final approval.
  • Review all educational materials for compliance with ACCME/AMA policies.
  • Remove an conflicts of interest.

Promote the Activity

  • All marketing must include the ACCME statement and AMA credit designation statement and must have prior approval from the CME Department. No mention of CME can be made prior to this approval.
  • Prepare the educational materials and instructions for CME credit for distribution to learners.

Coordinate the Financials

  • Coordinate the receipt of all revenues — registration fees, exhibitor fees and commercial support — through the CME Department.
  • A letter of agreement for each disbursement of commerical support is required.

During the Activity

  • Provide disclosure information for planners and speakers to the audience prior to beginning the activity. The CME Department will provide a sign-in sheet, flyer and/or slide as appropriate.
  • Distribute the instructions for electronic and/or online educational materials to learners, if applicable.
  • Meals or social events may not compete with or take precedence over the educational content.
  • Provide instructions at the activity for completing an online evaluation and claiming credit.

After the Activity

  • Return sign-in sheets, evaluation forms and any other associated materials to the CME Department within three business days.

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