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Hospital promotes surgical safety

by Janice Gibbs
Published August 31, 2014

At certain times of the year, one or two operating rooms at Scott & White are taken out of circulation and become simulation sites.

New College Station hospital staff trains before opening

by Steve Fullart
Published July 17, 2013

One month from this Friday, the new Scott & White Hospital in College Station will begin treating patients.

Wednesday, some of the hundreds of new staff members took part in training exercises. Using simulator mannequins that talk, breathe and even bleed, doctors and nurses tweeked their emergency response procedures.

S&W gauging cardiac responseFileIcon

by Janice Gibbs
Published January 4, 2008

Scott & White Memorial Hospital employees have been looking at its response to cardiac arrest through its resuscitation committee for some time. Interesting, considering a new study indicates a slow response in hospitals treating patients whose hearts stop beating.

Simulation Center joins consortiumFileIcon

by Janice Gibbs
Published September 8, 2007

The Temple College Simulation Center will join a consortium of nine simulation centers whose representatives will determine curriculum to train obstetrics and gynecology residents.

Practice Makes Perfect - TC students rehearse in simulation labFileIcon

by Janice Gibbs
Published June 19, 2007

It was trial by fire.
There was a dialysis patient bleeding out, a trauma victim with exposed bowels, compound fracture and other injuries, and a post-surgery cardiac patient with complications. Some of the patients didn’t fare too well, but in the end, all could be revived to teach another day at the Temple College Simulation Center.

Virtual hearts help teach live minds at TCFileIcon

by Kevin Chandler
Published October 21, 2006

It was three years ago that the first Temple College SimMan came to life. The first beat of that virtual heart was the birth of the unique learning environment known as the Temple College Health Sciences Center.

Gonzalez tours TC facilities - Simulation Center receives praiseFileIcon

by Kevin Chandler
Published March 11, 2006

From the vegetable fields of California to one of the highest offices in the land, Acting Assistant Secretary of Education Beto Gonzalez spent Friday morning encouraging local students to work hard to reach their dreams.

Medical professionals get peek at TC technologyFileIcon

by Kevin Chandler
Published February 25, 2006

Like a high-tech game of "Operation," medical school staff from all over Texas tried their hands at pulling off "sim-miracles" during a conference at Temple College on Friday.

Temple College breathing life into health sciencesFileIcon

by Kevin Chandler
Published December 18, 2005

Temple College is home to some of the best surgical simulators in the nation. The school’s simulation mannequins breathe, bleed, and even speak and react realistically to students.



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