Nursing Courses

Adult Resuscitation Training

A four-hour course per GNO session on interdisciplinary teamwork and communication in Dr. Rapid and Dr. Blue simulated scenarios for new RN and LVN employees.

Birthing Simulation

A two-hour session to facilitate shoulder dystocia and OB emergency training for OB Nurses with OB educator.

ICU Interns Assessment

An all-day session where ICU interns and fellows are provided a hands on opportunity to practice assessment skills in emergent situations utilizing simulation mannequins with a unit educator observer.

Neonatal Resuscitation Training

A four-and-a-half-hour course using high fidelity simulators to assist the unit educator in assessing new and experienced staff members' competency and technical skills.

Pediatric Nurse Intern Resuscitation

A four-hour activity that involves facilitating teamwork and communication in Pediatric Dr. Rapid and Dr. Blue. Didactic presentation and "hands on" experience are provided with the use of high fidelity simulators.

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