Clinical Simulation

Scott & White Clinical Simulation

Clinical Simulation
Mobile Unit

In an effort to promote continuous patient safety and assure similar standard of care across the entire system, Scott & White has developed an interprofessional Clinical Simulation Mobile Unit (CSMU), which will be available to all rural Scott & White hospitals and clinics as well as Scott & White affiliates. Learn more.

Image of Jose F. Pliego, MD

"Our diverse simulation program, enhanced with multiple facilities, is tailored for the broad spectrum of healthcare professionals focused on education and research.

Clinical simulation provides experiential learning with immediate feedback, therefore allowing the learner to reflect on performance in order to enhance quality of care."

Jose F. Pliego, MD
Medical Director for Clinical Simulation

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Simulation Scheduling

The Clinical Simulation program boasts a total of 1,878 square feet of learning space in three separate simulation center learning labs.

Standardized Patient (SP) Program

The Standardized Patient (SP) program carefully recruits and trains individuals to take on the characteristics of a real patient, affording the student an opportunity to learn and be evaluated in a simulated clinical environment.


The Scott & White Clinical Simulation Program partners with the Texas A&M University Health Science Center College of Medicine to meet the curricular needs of the medical students.