About Clinical Simulation

The Scott & White Clinical Simulation Program has been involved with the education and training of medical students and healthcare professionals at the Temple College Simulation Center since 2004. Due to increased requests for simulators at the point of contact, the Scott & White Simulation Center was created at the main campus in Temple. The program uses high- and low-fidelity manikins and patient-actors to allow the learner a risk-free environment with which to practice and learn various procedures and methods.

In collaboration with the Texas A&M University Health Science Center College of Medicine and the Temple College Simulation Center, the Scott & White Clinical Simulation Program aims to replicate realistic clinical experiences and provide a safe and challenging learning environment.

Our Mission

To become the premier center for education and research using clinical simulation in the Southwest.

Our Vision

  • To enhance and promote patient safety and quality health care at Scott & White and the Texas A&M System Health Science Center/College of Medicine (TAMSHSC-COM) by advocating for and supporting the use of the full spectrum of clinical simulation in the training and assessment of health care professionals.
  • To improve the productivity and efficiency of health care professionals in clinical and team settings at Scott & White and TAMSHSC-COM through simulation-based training, assessment and research.
  • To support and encourage quality improvement in the clinical training of health care professionals at Scott & White and TAMSHSC-COM.

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